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Rick Garson

Rick Garson

Rick Garson is an entertainment industry executive with an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit. At Boston University where he originally studied art, Rick was still an undergraduate when he met an executive from Amnesty International. Jack Healy offered Rick an opportunity to help produce A Conspiracy of Hope, a tour of six benefit concerts on behalf of Amnesty International, in 1986.  Rick knew that he had found an opportunity to not only make a tangible difference in the entertainment industry but to connect with other professionals.

Rick Garson founded SEPI, Inc. and gained experience in media promotions for prominent events such as The ABC-TV Live Aid Concert Special and the Michael Jackson Bad Tour sponsored by Pepsi. He also developed a concert series with Phillip Morris, the Parliament Sound Series, which started in New York and grew to include eight major cities.

In 1990, Rick Garson took the leap to pitch the idea of the Billboard Music Awards to the head of Fox Broadcasting Corporation. His subsequent creation and executive production of the now world-famous award show would be one of the first of dozens of successful entrepreneurial ventures headed by Rick.

Rick served as President and CEO of Billboard Entertainment, during which time he also created the Blockbuster Awards and developed and produced all media promotions for the Rolling Stones pay-per-view TV Special in association with the Steel Wheels Tours, which became the first successful pay-per-view music special in history. Rick’s experience with Billboard Entertainment set the course for the rest of his career, which has consistently revolved around innovating and redefining the foundation of the entertainment industry.

After this experience, Rick Garson founded Garson Entertainment and has owned and operated the company for 20+ years. Through Garson Entertainment, Rick has produced the MTV NFL Jams and Super Bowl TV Specials and NFL Country CD/Home Video series, among others.

Now, Rick Garson is focusing on his new venture, VX Entertainment. This groundbreaking company creates, develops, produces and owns global media properties and content which is leading the way for the use of live virtual reality environments in entertainment, education, healthcare, automotive, luxury goods, and more.

Rick Garson has created his career from the ground up and has founded numerous successful companies. He believes that professionals must be willing to go up to bat and strike out 99 times– because the 100th time just might be the grand slam that launches their career and helps them make a real impact in their field.