Rick GarsonThe world of mixed media is growing and transforming. The exquisite industry can no longer manage to work only in one sphere.

Instead, mixed reality making a decided depart from of a place of exclusivity and interacting with different points of media and different markets, transforming the way we use everyday items.

That’s to the captivating and inviting magnetism of mixed reality, we now seeing its applications partnered with sporting events, television series, headphones, and software development. The next big thing in mixed reality it’s already happening. We must keep our eyes open to recognize that.

Continue reading to learn five incredibly compelling ways mixed reality is being used to enhance the digital world, as well as the material world, as identified by mainstream media.

Microsoft launches Making Mixed Reality series, interviews developer Lucas Rizzotto: It seems that Microsoft has not only developed an incredible mixed reality series, but they’re using the platform to highlight outstanding individuals in the mixed reality industry. The first episode featured award-winning reality developer and designer Lucas Rizzotto who notably launched the HoloLens game Cyber Snack, as well as a chemistry education app, called MyLab. The young developer has put his skills to good use many other ways, reinforcing the belief that mixed reality is the future.

Mixed Reality Arrives In NFL With Baltimore Ravens’ Hiring Of Mixed RiverMixed River, a Maryland-based firm run by Jim Pietila and Carlson Bull, has plans to change the way football coordinates with technology. The tech exec developed a program titled Pre-Game Prep, which manages to highly the run plays and lineup formations for opposing teams. Baltimore Ravens signed for on as Mixed River’s first contract. There is a resounding belief that the gaming and teaching tool will change the game, and help to challenge spacial awareness. The non-contact environment will allow an opportunity to perform “mental reps — and physical [reps],” so that players might gain a small amount of muscle memory.

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