Build Augmented Reality Apps With ARKit _ Rick GarsonBeyond the screen and built between digital spaces, the most significant augmented reality platform in the world, ARKit, offers unique experiences to hundreds of millions of iOS 11.3 users.

ARKit, a product of Apple, has sparked the creation of countless augmented reality apps, according to app intelligence firm Sensor Tower. For those unfamiliar with ARKit, it’s an application programming interface used to used to compose AR apps through the use of a devices CPU, camera, and motion sensors. The interface delivers compelling visual content and detailed real-world scenes. It works alongside other frameworks and APIs, interacting with nearby systems, adding wall detection, and improving computer vision.

In 2015, the augmented reality market was valued at $3.3 billion, but in just six years, that number is expected to increase to $133.8 billion, thanks to new applications, headsets, glasses, and customizable AR features known to attract others to the important industry. Though AR is still relatively small, it’s growth is something that’s expected to be significant and profound, and it has industry leaders clamoring to produce products that will capitalize on this vital industry.

Microsoft and Google have opted to be a part of the conversation.  Their Hololens and Google Glass, respectively, deliver suitable image recognition and breakthrough artificial intelligence to attain an unparalleled experience.

ARKit has been a playground for the thousands who’ve created apps using the services. Those apps include the development of AR video, photo, furniture placement, measuring tape, children’s books, makeup apps and so much more. It’s a tool that’s helping to shape the market, and helping to popularize augmented reality as a way to elevate games, apps, and resources.

The platform can integrate artwork, posters, and signs into augmented experiences, and user auto-focus and high resolution to place accurate maps and virtual objects. The design and development enable high performance and compelling accuracy.