Rick GarsonElectrifying imagery is sometimes the only thing that’s needed to harden a message or invite charitable giving.

However, without physically being in Myanmar, Haiti, Syria, or other places struck by devastation, it’s sometimes challenging to communicate the severity of need. Filmmakers, activists, and photographers have made it their life’s work to capture truly horrific visuals.

Their work has, and continues to, impact the thinking of those fortunate enough to give. Today, virtual reality and mixed reality has created even stronger connections between would-be donors and needy causes. VR footage and VR glasses shine a light on first-hand visual encounters with poverty, natural disasters, and war.

Immersive storytelling as a means to increase empathy is a necessary, as developing countries battle ravaged lands, impoverishment, and the exploitation of resources. Simulated visits provide an opportunity to educate, train and communicate in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

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