5 Young Chinese Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark On The World | Rick GarsonAll around the world, young entrepreneurs are changing the landscapes of several industries with their one-of-a-kind innovations. China has seen a number of young up-and-coming entrepreneurs lately, as there was a recent push for innovation due to a period of slow economic growth. There are so many young Chinese entrepreneurs changing the game that it’s hard to name just a few. Here are a some of the top young Chinese entrepreneurs right now:

  1. Wang Xinwen, Founder, and CEO of Lilith Technologies (Shanghai) Co Ltd

In May 2013, Wang Xinwen founded the Lilith Technologies with two others shortly after he left Tencent Holdings, an internet giant in China. His flagship mobile game, Dot Arena, became a hit nationwide immediately, ranking third among Apple Store downloads only three months after its launch and overtaking Tencent’s spot. Lilith Technologies has since joined forces with Ubisoft.

2) Cai Yanqing, Cofounder of the Yi-Gather Community

As a young entrepreneur, Cai Yanqing knew how hard it could be for young people to get the means to start their own business. That’s why he founded Yi-Gather Community, a community that offers rentals much cheaper than the market price in order to offer affordable office space to young people looking to start their own businesses. A total of 1,390 people from 85 cities in 13 countries has joined Yi-Gather. Most people who use Yi-Gather are working in the IT, social innovation or art design sectors.

3) Chen Hua, CEO of Beijing Aishengsheng Technologies Co Ltd

Chen Hua began an entertainment and social networking platform at the and of 2013, and within a year, the site attracted millions of users. Her lean startup has raised seed capital from angel investors and has even won Series A Financing.

4) Zhou Wei, CEO of INMOTION Technologies Co Ltd

In 2007, Zhou Wei embarked on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur when his team participated in the FIRA Robocup during college. The team later became the INMOTION cofounders, establishing the company in 2012 after their graduation. With its core robotic product, a Sensor Controlled Vehicle, they company has taken over 60 percent market share of the person transporter business. The company has created a single-wheeled vehicle designed for people who commute to work within a 5-kilometer radius.

5) Huang Chengsong, CEO of JuanPi.com

Established in 2012, Huang Chengsong’s e-commerce company focuses on discounted online sales. By the end of 2014, the website had attracted a total of 30 million users. The sales volume at this point had hit 2.5 billion yuan, the equivalent of $399.5 million. Raising a bundle in Series B financing, the company is quickly reaching success.

There are a number of young entrepreneurs that are disrupting numerous markets in China. From social networking platforms to new forms of transportation, these entrepreneurs have created innovations that are making the world an easier place to live.

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