Hologram, while often considered by many having a lot to do with words like “immersive” and “interactive”, can in many cases go far beyond just an immersive and interactive experience.

Late Pop Queen Back to Live

In 2013, late Taiwanese pop icon Teresa Teng who died 18 years ago, emerged from beneath the stage to perform 3 songs along with Taiwanese singer Jay Chou at his concerts in Taipei. The digitized figure of Miss Teng in classic white sang on the stage her hit song, “What You Have to Say,” along with 2 of Jay Chou’s songs, “Red Tavern” and “Thousand Miles Away.”  

“Our goal was to honor Teresa Teng, as a singer and as a person,” Steve Preeg, Digital Domain’s visual effects supervisor and animation director, said in a statement. “If her family and friends feel that her personality came through in the performance, then we did our jobs.”

Fashion & Art Show Touched by the Magic of Hologram

In CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2015, the famous singer Li Yuchun performed the creative program “Shu Embroidery”, in which the holographic projection technology is used, dazzling numerous domestic compatriots who were watching the Spring Festival Gala, in which Li Yuchun gave the music performance that presented four other similar images of Li Yuchun in different dresses featured cheongsam and other traditional Chinese dresses. 

The new element not only adopted to push the viewing volume to a higher level, but it also allowed more people to appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese art and culture in an unprecedentedly amazing way.

Rick Garson VX Entertainment Performer 2

Interaction and Immersive Experience

It is a complex process moving from science fiction to reality. It requires a series of processes such as technical research, a search of materials, equipment manufacturing, effect verification, collaborative cooperation, practical applications, and so much more. However, it is not impossible to explore and innovate the practice through efforts. In the future, with the development of science and technology, we are expected to see more technologies in science fiction to come into real life and benefit mankind.

Rick Garson VX Entertainment Performer 3

Storyteller Behind the Magic

As a storyteller of the magic of light and shadow, we use brand-new technology to present digital art performance in a realistic manner. 

VX entertainment is a long-established global team. It has world-class creativity and a first-line technical team. The core team members are composed of industry veterans, including well-known directors, producers, creative directors, and beyond.

With the wisdom of the global celebrity production team and years of production experience in large-scale live events, television programs, holograms, virtual effects, and large-scale entertainment activities, it has become a leader in the fields of entertainment, music, fashion, pop culture, technology, sports and so on. 

Through ingenious design and planning, VX entertainment blends all needed elements into the overall design in accordance with customers’ need, and provides a set of contents including customized designs of schemes and concepts. Our business covers a large extent of works, ranging from initial planning to project design, creating to producing, selecting materials to construct, and even technological instruction on-site pending the implementations of projects. 

VX Entertainment creates a myriad of myths for Hollywood, using a multi-sensory approach to blend the reality with the virtuality and create a vision unprecedented for our client company.