Almost every single person starts their day off by watching the weather channel. People want to know if their day will be full of sunshine and pouring down rain. On some days though, the weather channel ca get it wrong. However, as science progresses and advances as time goes on, the weather channel is able to make better and more accurate predictions. Now, they are beginning to use mixed reality to better show what the weather conditions are like. 

A New Type of Presentation

It’s easy to say it will be a cloudy day with a chance of rain, but this does not tell a compelling story. Most of the time, we see weatherman pointing to graphics and explain how a storm is coming in and what it means. With the use of mixed reality, they are able to better explain the anatomy of a hurricane. They are able to show what a storm really looks like by immersing themselves in the storm without being in any real danger. This is a much more compelling and more efficient way to explain extreme weather conditions.

Better Safety Conditions

For years, weather reporters have been thrown into the eye of the storm to report live. Although this shows the viewers the extreme conditions, it also puts the reporter in danger. With the use of mixed reality, weather reporters are able to show the conditions of a dangerous hurricane without having to leave the station. This means no risk of reporters or other crew members getting hurt during the storm.

What This Means for the Future

As mixed reality starts to take flight and advances even farther, the weather channel will be embracing the technology even more. Although there will be times that conveying serious conditions will not need mixed reality, weather channels across the nation and the world are looking to make it even more immersive and interactive. Not only does it engage the audience and explain the conditions or storms and hurricanes, but it also helps keep people safer.