Press | Rick Garson

Rick GarsonRick Garson, the CEO and founder of VX Entertainment, which is a firm involving an all-star team with years of experience in live events, television production, holographic & virtual entertainment and effects industries to create innovative, engaging content for your business. He’s a knowledgeable captain of the developing mixed reality industry, and he and the other VX principals have also produced many highly successful television series for broadcast and major cable networks including NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CCTV, BBC, MTV Networks, STARWORLD, RTL Group,  ESPN  to name a few.

Olympic Expo project and the IDEA (International Digital Entertainment Awards) global awards TV special honoring the best digital life in China are two events involving Rick Garson. The Wyndham Hotel annual event project, CCTV interactive animation city experience center project, Microsoft Hololens curriculum project, Xi An Eight Wonder museum upgraded project, 360 dome theater in Terra-Cotta Warriors, Mercedes-Benz training center project, and BMW VR project are part of VX Entertainment’s programming.

Rick Garson recently went to CES Asia in Shanghai, where he acted as the speaker of Leaders in VR Entertainment conference session. This session was about how the boundaries of Virtual Reality for film, games and other forms of entertainment are being blurred, as well as how they plan to bring it to the masses.