The 2017 Olympic Expo uses high-tech strategies to inherit and advocate the ideology of the Olympics, as well as support the Olympic industry.

As the Creative Technical Director for this Olympic Expo, VX Entertainment has set the main exhibit to take place in the central hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, located within the Forbidden City.

The first sight within the main exhibit hall is a 180º LED projection projected on an enormous widescreen. The history of the Olympics is displayed through high-resolution graphics, which truly embodies its atmospheric characteristics.

The exhibition hall is set with a panoramic AR bobsleigh simulation device, which allows the visitor to sit in a bobsleigh and experience this exhilarating sport through visual simulations. With the widescreen placed in front of them, visitors would be able to experience the thrill of sleighing at high speed.

In addition, there is also a customized holographic stage tailored for this Olympic Expo, which projects the vice president of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Samaranch Jr, and the ice queen of China, Li Nina. The projections can interact with the host, as well as the visitors.

This unique and expressive approach has received praise and approval from the head of General Administration of Sport, Gou Zhongwen, Samaranch Jr, Olympic table tennis champion, Deng Yaping, and various other authorities relating to the International Olympic Committee.

2017 Beijing Olympic Expo – The Imperial Ancestral Temple: The main highlights of this event are created by customizing content and displaying through holographic and projection devices. This event successfully integrated China’s culture and technological advancements, which was presented through a series of high-tech methods.