VX-Entertainment-Collaborates-With-The-Olympic-Expo-For-The-Beijing-Winter-Olympics-Rick-GarsonThe 2017 Beijing Olympic Expo, held on June 15, 2017, touted the theme, “the forever moments of the Olympic games,” and proved to be one of the dynamic events of the season.

The grand sporting event took place at the Beijing Working People’s Culture Palace (The Imperial Ancestral Temple), a historic site located in the Imperial City, which resembles the Forbidden City’s ground plan with its clustered buildings and tiered platforms.

The  2017 Beijing Olympic Expo was a large-scale, international event that proved to be unlike any other, greatly due to the new partnership with VX Entertainment.

Supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Samaranch Foundation, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Committee, as well as the Chinese Olympic Committee, these organizers orchestrated a breathtaking Olympic Expo that embraces modernity while holding true to tradition.

VX Entertainment’s CEO and Founder, Rick Garson, also performed the role of chief creative officer (CCO) of the expo. Rick Garson didn’t merely suggest that holographic technology is used for the event, he utilized tools at his disposal to create a once-in-a-lifetime holographic experience for audiences, which includes the use of multiple visual technologies to provide the most astonishing and delightful experiences.

To best showcase the Olympic era and technology, the 2017 Olympic Games sought out the U.S. technological firm VX Entertainment for the use of advanced holographic technology. The creative team offered unmatched interaction with past events.  

Through footage provided by the event’s organizers, audiences were able to witness incredible accomplishments. The history of the Olympic Games and its glory were re-lived thanks to the broadcasted depiction of passionate and emotional moments from past Olympic events.

“Like no other human activity, the sport has the power to unite people, regardless of background, culture or belief,” said Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee. “This unifying power is one of the most important things that sport and the Olympic Games can give us. With many unique historical items, art, and cultural artifacts from Olympic history on display at the Beijing Olympic Expo 2017, it is my hope that the visitors will get a sense of the magic of the Olympic Games.”

Xia Sirui, the chief executive of this expo, indicated that the new Olympic Expo is a representation of culture, art, and technology, and is more contemporary and engaging. He said the fact it’s so modern allows every moment to be a “forever memory,” much like the theme of this year’s Olympic Expo.

The Head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, wrote a preface for the expo, and gave his best wishes and hopes to the exhibition in the name of the IOC.

Internationally renowned athletic and artistic guests participated in the opening ceremony, as well as significant directors, ambassadors, and executives. Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC and head of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee; Gou Zhongwen, Head of the General Administration of Sports, Executive chief of the Beijing Winter Olympics committee; Samaranch Jr. and Yu Zaiqing, the vice presidents of the ICO; The Spanish Ambassador of China, Mr. Manuel Valencia were in attendance.  The vice chief executives of the IOC and the Chinese Olympic Committee hosted the opening ceremony.

The chief vice executive of the IOC, Mr. Samaranch Jr. had very high reviews to this year’s Olympic Expo. He stated, “This [was] a fantastic cultural experience; this [was] a spiritual journey of the Olympics, and it [was] filled with happiness and glory.”

The expo was divided into five exhibitions, featuring thousands of pieces, including Olympic images, paintings, stamps, art posters, the previous Olympic torch, sculpture and other expressions of art, including multimedia and technological exhibits.

The Olympic Expo acted as the official kickoff event for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Over the next five years, there are also plans to exhibit in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Zhangjiakou.

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