As most of us know, becoming an entrepreneur is a field that has become much more common all around the world, as people work to enter untapped industries. Like any other field, entrepreneurship is influenced by external factors, which could include advances in technology and changes to the need of the industry. Know this, I wanted to examine entrepreneurship as a whole to learn how it could change in the coming years, and what it may look like.

What Is Entrepreneurship?
Before diving deeper into the concept, it is important to note what exactly entrepreneurship is. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, an entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. In short, an entrepreneur looks to create a business concept and/or company, while taking on the risks associated with a start-up company. While entering this area comes with its own risks, entrepreneurship could become increasingly important in the coming years as a result of changes in other industries.

The Future of Entrepreneurship
According to Forbes, 65% of primary-school aged children will working a job that does not currently exist, indicating that changes across all industries are inevitable. This creates a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the changing market, and one area where this will become prominent is within technology.

Knowing that today’s children will soon be working jobs that do not yet exist leaves a significant amount of room for entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities in various fields. Entrepreneurs who understand how much the different industries are changing is quite important, as they are tapping into unknown territory. While this sounds intimidating, it is how they are able to be successful.

While it is impossible to tell how much technology will affect the future of work, it is apparent that there will be an abundance of specialties that have not come to the workforce yet, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to more closely examine the future of work. An example of an entrepreneur that understood the future of today’s society is Steve Jobs. Jobs was instrumental in advancing the field of technology because of his ability to think outside of the box. By looking into industries in more depth, Jobs not only was able to found Apple, but was successful in understanding how to make the company successful.

Concluding thoughts
As most successful individuals will say, becoming an entrepreneur does not happen overnight. In order to understand what industries are untapped, it requires an incredible amount of attention to detail and patience, as well as a strong knowledge of how advances in technology continue to change today’s industries. Entrepreneurship will continue to evolve as a field, and will continue to shift the way that the world works today.